Camp Calypso
(Short Film)


Calypso was the nymph who kept Odysseus in a cave for seven years, a female figure who had the power to trap one of the great heroes of Greek mythology with her charms. Although there are no heroes in Camp Calypso, there is a creature seeking revenge and raising its voice.

A short film written and directed by the British-South African filmmaker Hannah May Cumming, which takes as its premise the concepts and aesthetics of the most popular slashers of the '70s and '80s but with a different touch: The woman as a reference and not as a victim.

Not only the slasher is present in Camp Calypso, so does the classic monster cinema, the fierce of the rape and revenge movies, some practical effects and a slightly camp humour that will remind you why we need more projects like this created by women.

You can see that it was shot with affection, by someone who loves and knows the meaning of the genre but who above all seeks to vindicate the female figure within it. Congrats for Camp Calypso and I hope to see more from its creators very soon.