His House


An essential part of the life of the immigrant is sacrifice. Because you must leave behind a part of yourself that has no place in your new world. It can be your accent, your clothes, the food that reminds you of home, or something more profound like your language or members of your family. Elements that for many years, helped define who you are and the way you communicate with those around you.

Small sacrifices compared to the hundreds of thousands of people who lose their loved ones every day or have to cross borders on makeshift rafts or walk for weeks, without even being sure that they will survive. From this feeling part "His House", from the absolute nightmare that means leaving a part of yourself behind, to be able to have a new life in which perhaps you will not be welcome either.

The film use "supernatural" elements and African folklore to delve into the most primitive fears of its protagonists and visually represent what a panic attack, remorse or total isolation feels like. But especially in how it feels to carry your history and that of your ancestors on your shoulders.

It's been a long time since a movie that moved me so much and struck a chord as "His House." Not only because of the fact that I can identify with some elements of immigration but also because of the profound desolation that invades its characters, helpless in the face of reality so bleak that they cannot change. Just as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, sacrificing a part of themselves to continue.

Definitely, this is one of the most beautiful and intense projects that Netflix has premiered this year.