The surprise of the summer and the hit from Shudder that nobody saw coming. Host will go down in history as the "Quintessential COVID horror film", But does it really deserved all the hype it has caused? I surrender with a total and resounding: HELL YES!

It is a modest project that started as a prank, made with a minimal budget and conditions, and it is super effective. Since it takes the best of Unfriended (2014) and Paranormal Activity (2007) and adds the paranoia, separation and anxiety of 2020, which is, the perfect combination to attack a very real and latent fear.

It is this type of movie where all the weight focusses on the performance and how tension is managed and Host nails it in these two departments.

The actresses are fantastic, they feel real, no forced and in the moments of tension, they are perfect. The scares are assured, (some very well thought out and even original to be a "Found footage" and that, is saying a lot).

But above all, it is very entertaining, perhaps in its last minutes it can not avoid falling into the clichés of the genre, but at this point, it has surely made you jump out of your seat more than once.

P.S.: DO NOT watch the trailer, if you haven't seen it already. I REPEAT: DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER, as it ruins one of the best scares that 2020 has given us.