I May Destroy You

Today I going to ask you a very personal question. Have you been a victim of sexual abuse?

Are you sure?

I ask you this, because the new show of Michaela Cole for the BBC and now HBO MAX, ¨I May Destroy You¨, starts from this compelling premise.

There are different types of abuse, sexual and psychological. It seems that over time we have normalised what we endure or experience, and we either do not realise the act or situation was abuse. Or if we do, we don't acknowledge or deal with it properly.

The recommendation for this show comes with a trigger warning because it goes directly to the point of what is abuse and it can be challenging to process, as its name implies "It can destroy you", even more so for people who have experienced abuse.

However, I think it is the most authentic, raw and necessary show that premiered this season so please go and watch it. If I can describe it in one word, it will be "brilliant" because it will go deep into topics and scenarios that we are not used to watching on tv these days.

That's why it feels so refreshing and unique, and I promise you, you haven't seen anything like this before so be ready because the journey is intense. If you live in the UK or you have the streaming service of the BBC, you can watch the entire season, but if you are viewing in it through HBO, it premieres one new episode every week