Inside No.9


This anthology series maybe, and just MAYBE, does not have all the recognition that it deserves outside of the UK. That's why I decided to dedicate a few words to this outstanding, smart and twisted show.

Yes, we can describe it as a black comedy anthology, but Inside No.9 is so much more than that! So, dear reader "expect the unexpected", because they not will only try to surprise you with some crazy twists and intriguing storylines, they will literally change the genre in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. But what does that mean?

Well, this is not only a comedy show with some elements of suspense, horror or drama. In here, you will find episodes that have the whole structure of these genres, on the scripts, visuals, acting and even direction and this, completely blew my mind. I hope that you, as a viewer, appreciate it as well, especially on the episodes where the formula doesn't work.

Of course, not every single episode is brilliant, but the whole set is, especially when you understand how ambitious it is to create a show with these characteristics. So anyway, I will leave you here my favourite episodes, just in case you want to give it a try:

"Sardines" (Searies 1, Episode 1)

"A Quiet Night In" (Searies 1, Episode 2)

"Tom And Gerri" (Searies 1, Episode 3)

"Last Gasp" (Searies 1, Episode 4)

"La Couchette" (Searies 2, Episode 1)

"12 Days Of Christine" (Searies 2, Episode 2)

"Cold Comfort" (Searies 2, Episode 4)

"The Bill" (Searies 3, Episode 2)

"The Riddle Of The Sphinx" (Searies 3, Episode 3)

"Diddle Diddle Dumpling" (Searies 3, Episode 5)

"Zanzibar" (Searies 4, Episode 1)

"Once Removed" (Searies 4, Episode 3)

"To Have and To Hold" (Searies 4, Episode 4)

"Tempting Fate" (Searies 4, Episode 6)

"Misdirection" (Searies 5, Episode 4)

"The Stake Out" (Searies 5, Episode 6)

All episodes, including the live Christmas special, you can find them on the streaming platforms of the BBC (U.K.) and Filmin (Spain).