Pelican Blood


I really appreciate a lot of things about this film, the story, how involved is the leading actress (Nina Hoss) with her character and also, the way the movie tries to introduce horror into a very dramatic situation. However, It's more effective as a drama rather than as a horror film.

Basically, because both the structure of its script and the way it was presented, do not have the necessary features to create tension or become uncomfortable to watch, that's is why the "fantastic" elements feel so weak or even misplaced.

Likewise, another key point of these films that involve the figure of the "scary kid" is that the casting must be impeccable and regardless of how beautiful and charming Katerina Lipovska is, unfortunately, she doesn't manage to make her character credible or at least generate the dramatic impact that the story needs.

So, if you come motivated for the family drama, you might end up more satisfied, as it certainly doesn't work as a horror movie. At least, not for me.