Roberto Benigni and his obsession with Pinocchio attacks again, with this second adaptation of the story of the puppet that becomes human. But this time a little bit darker, uglier and quite weird. But intentionally weird? Or Unintentional horror movie for kids?

I don't know, but it reminded me quite a lot of that machine of nightmares for kids call Return To Oz (Available on Disney Plus just in case you have never watch it) that scarred me for life and still until today hunts me on my dreams.

Having said that, this version of Pinocchio portraits so well the creepy images that it wants to show that sometimes it forgets how to connect them harmoniously. Hence, it feels very episodic, like randomly linked adventure blocks.

The production design is based on highlighting the ugliness and the grotesque, that's why I think that many times it falls into involuntary funny because it becomes significantly over the top. However, that did help me to see the story of Pinocchio as I had never understood it before.