Ryan Murphy has become the "goose that lays the golden eggs" of the North American television and now for Netflix. Something that for obvious reasons has not helped with his latest works, mostly because although they have exciting ideas, they never fully land or they feel rushed and without much inspiration.

That is why, when he announced that he was working again with one of his fetish actresses Sarah Paulson, in a serial adaptation of the legendary Nurse Ratchet from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", my expectations were not too high. Indeed, everything pointed to that we would get more of the same forgettable projects without a soul, but I was very wrong.

Click on the photo below to access to the official trailer of "Ratched"​

Ratched encompasses everything that Murphy stands for but almost touching its peek of perfection. The entire production design is breath taking, every suit, dress, accessory and on-screen item are precious or terrifying, there is no middle ground, and the strength of its images and how he combines them with each other, only shows the love and attention to detail that has been put into this project, something that goes beyond the screen and stays with you even after it's finished.

There is an entire episode dedicated to honouring Hitchcock's style, its cuts, divided screens and feverish soundtracks. A spirit that does not abandon the aesthetics of the show and wanders from time to time in key or more self-referential moments, a gift to the fans of the genre and something that reaffirms the idea of the "more inspired Murphy".

Actually, sometimes It feels like the season of AHS: Asylum but with more budget and streamlined, obviously with a cartoonish tone but just as dark and disturbing. It is widely performed, and each actor is 100% devoted to her character and at the height of the show.

Maybe its final episode feels a bit scattered, but it certainly leaves you wanting for more. Something we already know will happen since Netflix just confirmed a couple of days ago that: “48 million members booked an appointment with Nurse Ratched, our season 1 biggest original of the year. " So let's see what dark secrets Nurse Ratchet will reveal to us in a second chapter.