I just read that Tenet is: "Bond on acid", and I think there is no better way to describe it. Something that it could be quite evident in its production design and its characters, but I can assure you that it is a mere intention of style.

This is auteur cinema with a budget and the intentions of a giant Blockbuster, something that some will not like (those who do not connect with Nolan's style), but that will surprise others, those who do not seek perfection, but rather allow themselves to be surprised.

The main characters, the villain and the "protagonist" (a faithful reference to the script) feel a bit histrionic and even cartoonish, but this is perhaps we are facing Nolan's most personal film, and this is his way of telling us.

He already warns you almost at the beginning of the film with a simple phrase that can easily encompass the entire project, "Don't try to understand it, just feel it", and I think it is the best advice he can give you to embrace Tenet 100% the first time you see it.

So, please don't waste time trying to anticipate what is coming, because I assure you that you will not succeed.