The Lie


Oh boy, people are going to hate this film, and I love that! And it's because, this first chapter of Welcome To The Blumhouse is the typical story that on paper sounds wonderful but when you a are fairly new director with little experience, translating this story to the screen is not so easy, it will leave the viewers feeling like they have been pranked or being missold too.

I think you can already imagine what feeling "The Lie" will leave on you, right?

However, this will happen depending on where you focus your attention and let me give you a hint: It is not in the youth cast. Since here, the real drama/horror does not focus on their decisions or actions, but on how they affect their loved ones around them.

There is where a series of actions are woven (which will be interesting for some and ridiculous for others) between characters who feel they have no other choice, something downright terrifying.

(Click on the photo below to access to the official trailer of "The Lie")

Let's also remember that it is a telefilm, so the "episodic" sensation is impossible to avoid, so if you conceive it as an extended episode of a series like "Tales From the Crypt" or "The Twilight Zone" you will appreciate much more of its intentions. So, don't expect a solid plot or breath-taking performances.

I have several problems with the figure of Joey King because I do not know what is happening with this girl, who seems to be a wasted talent, not only because of the selection of her latest projects but also, I have caught her more than once pretending emotions on camera and in here she does it without any remorse, which makes you disconnect even more with her character and her role in the story.

Anyway, I don't want to do this much longer than it warrants. Just say that although it has not been "my cup of tea", I have not gotten off the train before the proposal of "Blumhouse" (yet), but now I know what to expect in the next instalments.