The Morning Show


What's the hell it's going on? Why do we have projects like "The Morning Show" and not losing our minds? Or at least discussing and debating in social media about them? I get it, in here you won't find dragons fighting or monsters from other dimensions, but what you will find in here its humans acting like humans.

I don't know you, but I'm loving and enjoying it like there is no tomorrow everything that Reese Witherspoon it's producing in the last few years, from "Big Little Lies" to "Little Fires Everywhere" and now "The Morning Show". Projects that seek to vindicate the figure of women but above all, of what it takes to be a woman these days.

Stories that talk about depression, dependency, self-destruction, love, ego, success, abuse, marriage, infidelity and a long etc. And it's not that we don't have other TV shows that don't touch on these issues, it is that in here they are addressed from another perspective, not from the villain and the hero, but rather from imperfect and hateful humans. Something that I love to see on mainstream television, where I can get along and fight with characters that I love and hate at the same time.

In "The Morning Show" the pitched battle that can occur within the film or television industry is portrayed so well, with situations that at times can give you chills, like what a promotion can hide in the job of your dreams, the true intentions behind a video going viral or what can hide the simple smile of your favourite TV presenter.

It is a very well planned and orchestrated project it is noticeable not only in what its characters say but also in its technical section with shots and sequences that portray loneliness, overwhelm, stress or total and absolute misery. Everything is planned to get you involved in this story and choose a side we cannot be indifferent to these subjects anymore, because silence is part of the problem.

All this framed in our reality, here nothing seems fictitious, we talk openly about the #MeToo movement, which means the case of Harvey Weinstein for the entertainment industry or the mass shootings in the USA, a great strategy to tackle a project with these characteristics that need to feel current and bold.

It's great that Alex, the character played from Jennifer Aniston, sometimes it feels like Rachel because it makes you think that you know her already, something that is crucial for news anchors. Or have the chance to see Reese Witherspoon or Steve Carell out of their comfort zone, playing complicated and different characters, even if they don't end up being 100% credible all the time they're on screen.

A show with a final episode that closes perfectly one of the greatest TV dramas of the year and of which I am excited for a second season to arrive. Bravo Apple TV!