The New Mutants


It has happened again, a superhero movie that does not convince the studios, ends up entangled in a storm of re-recordings, cuts and changes of tone and when it finally hits theatres, it is criticized and destroyed by fans, who find it insulting, but hadn't we seen something very similar with Josh Trank's version of Fantastic Four (2015)?

Yes, Josh Trank, do you remember him? I doubt it, mainly because that Marvel film ruined his career and we never heard from him again. A movie that was really as bad as it was said at the time or that rather pointed precisely to the profile of Chronicle (2012)? But this is another discussion, that we can have another time.

I remember this incident because it feels like it's EXACTLY the same thing that it's happening with The New Mutants. Does IT really deserve all this backlash IT's getting? The answer is NO, and I think I know what the problem is: Expectations.

On how you promote a film and the expectations that are created, more in this case with all the aura of mysticism that was created around it, in it's almost three years of delay.

But, were you really expecting an outright horror movie with superheroes? A more adult proposal if it had already fallen into the hands of Disney? And even though it is obviously not perfect, it already seems to be an achievement that it has an openly LGBT+ character as the protagonist, that has topics such as masturbation, sexual desire and the fear of who you are are the central theme. All this set in a world very similar to "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: #DreamWarriors", it's already something that wins my cinephile heart, I'm sorry.

People are complaining about the CGI, and that the film tries to be scary through digital creatures, but IT Chapter 2, as a proper horror film did it and in a more unsatisfactory way, and I didn't read as many bad reviews.

It is not the best of the saga and it's not trying to, but Ladies and Gentleman is a film of superheroes, which touches on different themes and pays homage to horror films, that's all.

What else were you waiting for?