she dies tomorrow


Fear like a contagious virus, that spreads from one person to another in an overwhelming way, with a simple but devastating conviction: Tomorrow is the last day of your life.

It sounds familiar? Have you felt identified with this premise in any way? And that's because, we could affirm among all, that this is the other pandemic that we are experiencing today: Fear! And She Dies Tomorrow addresses it from the most symbolic and intimate possible way.

The proposal is fantastic and chillingly on time, however, its director still needs to stylize herself and above all, to give meaning to her more "everyday" scenes.

The good intentions are there but they do not land as much as the film proposes, and I would even dare to say that handled better humour than tension, which detracts from those more "dreamlike scenes" than with another perspective, would have been devastating.

Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is."- Albert Camus