The Outsider


It's one of the best Stephen King adaptations I've seen in a while, mostly because it knows how to capture the duality and the darkness of his universe.

I'm sure a couple of episodes less would have suited very well to the final result. However, the first three or four episodes of The Outsider are breathtaking, scary, and very well orchestrated.

Superb performances, at least one "jump scare" per episode but very well placed and so necessary to keep you tense, some that almost made me cry.

There are a few annoying characters, but they are essential to establish this dispute between reality and the supernatural that is the basis of the story.

In its final act, it loses its grip a bit (As in almost all King's stories) but in general terms, you are so satisfied with the experience that you let it pass. It is one of the most intriguing miniseries I have seen this year. So, don't miss it, you won't regret it. Available on HBO.

P.S.: The final episode has a post-credits scene that you are not going to want to miss.