The Witches


The 1990 version of "The Witches" traumatized a whole generation of children (including myself) thanks to that nightmarish atmosphere and the incredible interpretation of Angelica Houston as The Grand High Witch. The absolute epitome of the personification of the Satan worshipers of the 90's that stuck into our subconscious and has been almost impossible to overcome.

This is why this new version of director Robert Zemeckis had a double task. First, to conquer the new generations and second, to bring something genuinely innovative that would justify its very existence. Not easy tasks in the age of "politically correct" and "eternally offended audience."

So what could we expect from this review of "The Witches"? Well, it promised a reading about white supremacy represented by the coven that hates children and an Anne Hathaway in a full state of grace playing The Grand High Witch.

But are these elements enough to elevate the final result? Sadly not.

Click on the image below to access to the official trailer of "The Witches"

I think it is mainly due to a casting problem from the child to the choice of Hathaway, an actress that I always enjoy seeing on screen, who here feels extremely characterized. Working on the strength of her character from the outside like poses, accent, voice it feels like it isn't motivated from the repulsion she feels for these children.

If we add to this that the main characteristics that differentiate her from Houston's witch it does depend entirely on the CGI (such as the smile or the arms) what we have left are the concept or the caricature of a proposal that may have been interesting but feels incomplete. Something very similar to what happened with some appearances of pennywise in the latest version of IT (2017-2019).

By this I do not mean that it is a total waste of time, it is helped by its soundtrack created by the always brilliant Alan Silvestri and some moments where Zemeckis plays with the 3D perspective, and it seems that the arms of this witch pierce the screen. Of the rest, we are facing a forgettable and very low-risk version, although yes, a little more faithful to the original material, both in its end and the design of the witches.